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Linear Lighting & Trunking

Wyevale III.

Wyevale III Options

Cellular & Safer Cell Accommodation Psychiatric Hospitals Secure Unit Schools Toilets Corridors Public Buildings Lobbies Public Spaces Car Parks

Order Code Length mm Lm lm/W
Circuit Wattage
Wattage Colour Temp
Kelvin (K)
WYE31.0 300 1000lm 115 7.3W 3000k/4000k >80
WYE32.0 300 2000lm 115 14.5W 3000k/4000k >80
WYE31.3 600 1300lm 115 7.8W 3000k/4000k >80
WYE32.6 600 2600lm 115 15.2W 3000k/4000k >80
WYE31.9 900 1950lm 112 21.0W 3000k/4000k >80
WYE33.9 900 3900lm 112 32.9W 3000k/4000k >80
WYE32.6 1200 2600lm 110 27.6W 3000k/4000k >80
WYE35.2 1200 5200lm 110 46.5W 3000k/4000k >80
WYE33.2 1500 3250lm 108 23.4W 3000k/4000k >80
WYE36.5 1500 6500lm 108 54.5W 3000k/4000k >80
Description Suffix
Frosted Diffuser/F
Prismatic Diffuser/P
Surface Mount/SM
Recessed Mount/RM
Stainless Steel Body/S-STEEL
Slim Body Version/SLIM
Metro Bus Shelter Version/METRO
Integral 3hr Emergency or 3hr Self Test/EM3 or /EM3-SELF
Dimmable/DALi / 1-10v / SW-240v / CORR
LED Linear Tube Gear Tray (240v Mains)/GT-LEDT5
Fluorescent Lamp Version (240v Mains)/T5 or /T8 On Request


When correctly installed against ceiling, using "anti-pick" mastic.

IP65 Rated

Protected against dust and low pressure jets of water.

Vandal Resistant

High impact and vandal resistant fitting.

Safer Cell Approved

Suitable for Cellular & Safer Cell accommodation.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient LED Technology.

  PDF Data Sheet
IP20 Protection against a solid object greater than 12mm. Offers no protection against liquids.
IP23 Protection against a solid object greater than 12mm & against sprays of water up to 60° from the vertical - limited ingress permitted.
IP40 Protection against a solid object greater than 1mm. Offers no protection against liquids.
IP44 Protection against a solid object greater than 1mm & against sprays of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted.
IP54 Protected against dust (no harmful deposit) & against sprays of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted.
IP65 Total protection against dust. Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted.
IK10 20 Joules Of Impact
IK10~35J 35 Joules Of Impact
IK10~50J 50 Joules Of Impact
IK10~75J 75 Joules Of Impact
IK10~100J 100 Joules Of Impact
IK10~125J 125 Joules Of Impact
IK10~150J 150 Joules Of Impact
IK10~175J 175 Joules Of Impact
IK10~200J 200 Joules Of Impact
IK Ratings Information Read More 
Product Information
  • Anti-Ligature
  • Steel Body
  • Frosted or Clear Prismatic Diffuser
  • Latest LED Technology
  • Dimmable Option Available
  • Emergency Option Available
  • Night Light Option Available

A robust range of vandal resistant , anti ligature luminaires for standard cellular accommodation. Anti-ligature fittings that are suitable for sensitive areas. Bezel/Diffuser removes without disturbing anti pick mastic.

25 years of experience we'll ensure you always get the best lighting solution for your project