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Linear Lighting & Trunking

Titan 4.

Titan 4 Options

Cellular & Safer Cell Accommodation Psychiatric Hospitals Secure Unit Schools Toilets Corridors Public Buildings Lobbies Public Spaces Car Parks

Order Code Length mm Lm lm/W
Circuit Wattage
Wattage Colour Temp
Kelvin (K)
TTN4-1.0 300 1000lm 115 7.3W 3000k/4000k >80
TTN4-2.0 300 2000lm 115 14.5W 3000k/4000k >80
TTN4-1.3 600 1300lm 115 7.8W 3000k/4000k >80
TTN4-2.6 600 2600lm 115 15.2W 3000k/4000k >80
TTN4-1.9 900 1950lm 112 21.0W 3000k/4000k >80
TTN4-3.9 900 3900lm 112 32.9W 3000k/4000k >80
TTN4-2.6 1200 2600lm 110 27.6W 3000k/4000k >80
TTN4-5.2 1200 5200lm 110 46.5W 3000k/4000k >80
TTN4-3.2 1500 3250lm 108 23.4W 3000k/4000k >80
TTN4-6.5 1500 6500lm 108 54.5W 3000k/4000k >80
Description Suffix
Glass Reinforced Frosted Diffuser/GRP-F
Glass Reinforced Clear Stippled Diffuser/GRP-P
Stainless Steel Body/S-STEEL
Security Drive/Key/SD
Integral 3hr Emergency or 3hr Self Test/EM3 or /EM3-SELF
Microwave Motion Detection/M-WAV
Dimmable/DALi / 1-10v / SW-240v / CORR
LED Linear Tube Gear Tray (240v Mains)/GT-LEDT5
Fluorescent Lamp Version (240v Mains)/T5 or /T8 On Request


When correctly installed against ceiling, using "anti-pick" mastic.

IP65 Rated

Protected against dust and low pressure jets of water.

Vandal Resistant

High impact and vandal resistant fitting.

Safer Cell Approved

Suitable for Cellular & Safer Cell accommodation.

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient LED Technology.

  PDF Data Sheet
IP20 Protection against a solid object greater than 12mm. Offers no protection against liquids.
IP23 Protection against a solid object greater than 12mm & against sprays of water up to 60° from the vertical - limited ingress permitted.
IP40 Protection against a solid object greater than 1mm. Offers no protection against liquids.
IP44 Protection against a solid object greater than 1mm & against sprays of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted.
IP54 Protected against dust (no harmful deposit) & against sprays of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted.
IP65 Total protection against dust. Protected against low pressure jets of water from all directions - limited ingress permitted.
IK10 20 Joules Of Impact
IK10~35J 35 Joules Of Impact
IK10~50J 50 Joules Of Impact
IK10~75J 75 Joules Of Impact
IK10~100J 100 Joules Of Impact
IK10~125J 125 Joules Of Impact
IK10~150J 150 Joules Of Impact
IK10~175J 175 Joules Of Impact
IK10~200J 200 Joules Of Impact
IK Ratings Information Read More 
Product Information
  • Anti-Ligature
  • Steel Body
  • Frosted or Clear Prismatic Diffuser
  • Latest LED Technology
  • Dimmable Option Available
  • Emergency Option Available
  • Night Light Option Available
  • Motion Detection Option Available
  • Removable Gear Tray

High specification cornice mounted luminaire manufactured to overall customer specified lengths, designed to run wall to wall or as individual fitting. Integral trunking for through wiring. Provisions for services (CCTV, Fire Alarm etc) can be integrated on request.

25 years of experience we'll ensure you always get the best lighting solution for your project