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BHR Redevelopment

Secure Mental Health Hospital

Supplied Mental Health HMP hospital safe, secure, anti-ligature luminaires providing harmonious lighting environment for patient/prisoner care.

This huge major new build mental health facility was under taken by West London Mental Health NHS Trust and Kier Construction to replace the notorious original high security Broadmoor Hospital which is the best known and oldest high security hospital in the UK which houses some of the most notorious criminals within mental health care and HMP Prison system.

Originally only specified for one luminaire type on the original design schedule (a Bedhead fitting mounted within the patient bedroom) Vandalite Lighting actually ended supplying approximately 65%? of all the secure anti ligature type luminaires throughout the whole project. This was due to the stringent testing procedure undertaken by the NHS Trust and the Kier engineers for a high security facility. Many of our ‘competitors’ originally specified luminaires actually failed this strict testing procedure, meaning we were given the exciting opportunity to present our various alternative version luminaires for consideration for use with the Trust and Kier with all our versions passing the testing procedure with flying colours.

We worked closely with the engineers to design and deliver bespoke tailor made anti ligature versions for such a challenging environment, made all the more challenging as the NHS Trust criteria wanted a much less institutionalised appearance but with all the attributes of tough, resilient anti ligature lighting and we provided all of the above with cutting edge design which gave a secure harmonious safe environment which now offers the very best patient/prisoner care possible.   

A prime example of this testing procedure was the secure patient main bedrooms for which we were originally only specified/supplying the Bedhead Recess reading light. The main bedroom and en-suite lighting was originally intending to be one of our main competitors luminaires but due to a significant failure during the impact testing process the competitions luminaires were deemed not suitable or fit for purpose, at this point we redesigned the bedroom and ensuite lighting with our Reflex 410 Range which gave the required specification for IK Impact Resistance, Anti Ligature and a Harmonious Aesthetic appearance. We again worked closely with the Trust and Kier Construction engineering team (Mr Jonathan Watkins) where at the request of the Trust and Kier we developed and improved the security screw fixing arrangement of our diffuser fixing screws. The security screws were made much more difficult to remove by the patients should they have access to illegal improvised tools (prisoners often make improvised tools or weapons from everyday objects such as toothbrushes, pens, stationary) where the patient may try to remove any of the screws to gain access to the internal workings of the luminaire(s). This new fixing screw arrangement was developed by Vandalite Lighting and was done at the point of manufacture to remove the need for on site contractors having to manually apply additional thread locking chemicals during installation of the products, this process proved so successful that we rolled it out throughout all of the fixtures we supplied to the project.

Anti Ligature Products supplied to the project:-

  • Wyevale 2 Surface – Six variations of range
  • Slimflex
  • Emerald Exit Anti Ligature
  • Reflex 410
  • Bedhead Recess
  • Safer Cell Fittings.
  • Latest LED Tech.
  • Antiligature requirement.
  • Aesthetically pleasing harmonious safe environment lighting
  • Robust Vandal Resistant Fittings

Fittings designed and supplied in conjunction with Kier Construction (via Edmundson Electrical, Reading) for West London Mental Health NHS Trust

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